7:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.


NEW CLASSES FOR 2018. More than 100 individuals have earned a Professional Development Academy certificate since 2016!

Successful professionals continually strive to learn. Expanding skill sets and knowledge enables individuals to transcend their careers. The Greater Bartow Chamber of Commerce, 
in collaboration with Polk State College, announces the launch of the 2018 Greater Bartow Chamber Professional Development Academy (PDA). This program provides skills for business, organization, and personal growth and improvement through a variety of educational and training opportunities. Receive your PDA certificate by attending a minimum of four of the seven classes. Cost for the academy classes are covered in your Chamber membership investment. If you are an employee of a Chamber member business, you are entitled to attend any of the classes at no cost. If you are not employed by a Chamber member business, the classes are $29 per class.

Choose What’s Right For You
PDA allows you to choose the classes that are right for you.

What Is The Cost For The Classes?
Cost for the Greater Bartow Chamber of Commerce Professional Development Academy classes are covered in your Chamber membership investment. If you are an employee of a Chamber member business, you are entitled to attend any of the classes at no cost. However, if you do register for a class, and cannot attend, you must notify the Chamber 24 hours prior to the class. If you fail to notify the Chamber and do not show up, your business will be charged an administration fee of $15 for the missed class. If you are not employed by a Chamber member business, the classes are $29.00 per class.

Where Are The Classes Held?
All classes are held at the Clear Springs Advanced Technology Center
Polk State College Corporate College
310 Technology Drive
Bartow, Florida

What Time Are Classes?
Classes begin at 7:30 a.m. and end at 9:30 a.m.

Do I Have To Attend Every Class?
Absolutely not. You are allowed to pick and choose the classes that are right for you.

Do I Need To Pre-Register?
Yes – pre-registration is necessary. Click here to register now.

How Do I Earn My Certificate?
You can earn your Professional Development Academy Certificate by attending a minimum of four of the classes.


Bill Mutz
Bill Mutz is Mayor for the City of Lakeland. He is perhaps more well known for his many years of service to local civic organizations, as well as his business success. Mr. Mutz is also a sought-after consultant who offers client advisory services that include: enhancing performance of the executive management team and/or its board of directors; enhancing team and/or individual selling skills and maximizing customer service; maximizing market share and building greater customer penetration; facilitating “difficult” meetings groups, while providing negotiation counseling; designing practical social media utilization; being a speaking coach for enhancing both delivery & content of individuals; career coaching for enhancing personal achievement and guiding personal growth within organizations. His significant experience at both operational and board of director levels provides solutions for many different organizations.

J. Lenora Bresler, J.D., SHRM-SCP, SPHR, ASC
J. Lenora Bresler is an attorney, senior certified human resource professional, and a certified advanced speaker. She has her own leadership and motivation firm in Lakeland and is a keynote speaker, trainer, coach, and author. Her newest book, Instant Insight: 15 Questions to Great Relationships, is due out next month. She is the co-author of Mission Possible and Best of the Best, and is the editor of the motivation book Jump Starts, by Timothy Richardson. Ms. Bresler has taught the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Learning System for eight years at Valencia College and has repeatedly won awards for 100% class pass rates. Ms. Bresler has also taught for the Polk State Corporate College since 2001. With a background in acting, singing, and piano, she brings a flavor of humor and entertainment to all her trainings.

Nancy Lemon
Nancy Lemon has comprehensive and diversified expertise in consulting to organizations in the implementation of strategic sales, customer loyalty & leadership initiatives focused on improving corporate effectiveness. Ms. Lemon’s business experience has given her the ability to share authentic and proven techniques that will enable her clients to be more successful, feel confident and comfortable in a sales, service or leadership role and most importantly to truly understand what’s important to their customers. She is widely recognized and much sought after for her natural ability to build rapport with groups and create a positive learning environment. She is a results-oriented individual who has a proven track record for helping organizations, teams and individuals achieve the goals they are most passionate about.

Mary Owens
With over 20 years in the technology industries, Mary Owens is recognized as a visionary leader who has helped produce extraordinary growth in sales, profitability, and efficiency for many companies. In partnering with executives and organizations, Ms. Owens has learned that people can accomplish amazing things in the right atmosphere and when surrounded by the right support structure. Ms. Owens has extensive experience in Business Development, Strategic Planning, Sales Management, Distribution Management, and Marketing. She has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration degree, along with an Industrial Distribution Certification. She is an adjunct faculty instructor at Polk State College, and a columnist and managing editor for a quarterly magazine. She has been awarded the 2009 Chairman’s Award, was a finalist for Tampa Bay’s 2010 Business Women of the Year recognition, and received the YWCA Women in Leadership Award.

Kelly Andrews, MS
Kelly Andrews has been working in the Health and Wellness field for over 25 years. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Tennessee and a Master of Science degree in Athletic Administration from Florida State University. Her diverse experience and educational background have provided her with opportunities to work in a variety of settings including corporate, non-profit, medical, and fitness centers, as well as within higher education. As a certified yoga teacher, wellness coach, holistic stress management instructor, and HeartMath mentor, Ms. Andrews shares her personal journey of finding peace within through her daily interactions with various clients. She currently serves as the Assistant Dean of Wellness at Florida Southern College and oversees the campus-wide Wellness and Recreation Program. In her spare time, she volunteers her time to support local businesses as a wellness consultant and assists individuals as a personal resilience coach.



February 28, 2018
Bill Mutz

Today, every role, including that of administrative assistant, is expected to act as a leader, but exactly what does that mean? It means being an influencer, and that skill doesn’t come in one flavor. You can be an influencer and be either gregarious and or more reserved. The key is finding your unique ability of projecting competency and thoughtfulness, which will gain you the credibility you need to persuade. It also requires one to create an environment of safety for others to express their perspectives and opinions in a positive way to you, thereby enabling you to develop the trusting relationships and well-rounded information-gathering good leaders need.

March 14, 2018
J. Lenora Bresler

Today’s workplace is filled with a blend of backgrounds, personalities and talents, which enables an organization to grow and flourish. This is a benefit to the organization as a whole, but sometimes this melting pot also creates conflict. As a professional, you may find some people in the organization difficult to deal with. Awareness of yourself and others will equip you to navigate challenging interactions and position you to take personal responsibility for your part in the conflict. This highly interactive workshop will allow you to explore:
• Your personal triggers with difficult communications;
• Developing a better understanding of why some people seem difficult;
• Create solutions for dealing with difficult people and situations.

April 11, 2018
Nancy Lemon

Body, mind, spirit and heart – the exceptional leader develops their entire person. This session will focus on the elements of the heart and how to become an emotionally intelligent leader.

May 9, 2018
Kelly Andrews

Most people work much harder and are far more stressed and frustrated than they have to be simply because they are not organized.  Learn quick ways to organize your workspace, your access to information, and your time so that work is easy – and enjoyable! Thought provoking questions require participants to be honest with themselves about limitations and obstacles and priorities.
Participants will learn how to:
• Organize their time, workspace, and information
• Prioritize tasks for efficiency
• Identify bad behaviors and determine desired outcome

August 8, 2018
Kelly Andrews

In this fast-paced world, managers have to balance high productivity expectations with supportive staff coaching and mentorship. High-pressured deadlines and work overload lead to increasing stress. Heart-led leadership is based on leading from the heart, with a sense of patience, compassion, kindness, and positive energy. An individual who takes care of his or her own emotional and physical needs is more aligned and less reactive to others. This workshop provides some basic skills and techniques to begin an individual’s journey toward leading with the heart.

September 12, 2018
Mary Owens

Employees will learn how to meet customers’ expectations and focus on customer relationships. Topics covered include: boosting the comfort zone, building relationships, crafting clear and concise questions, dealing with difficult people, develop professional communication skills, Do’s and Don’ts of telephone and e-mail communications, up-selling and cross-selling, and understanding customer behavior.

October 10, 2018
J. Lenora Bresler

Today’s managers find themselves frequently making decisions that may or may not have legal implications for their organizations. This workshop will look at day-to-day employment-related decisions and actions, and focus on how to manage in a legally responsible manner. At the end of this session, participants will be able to: articulate the essential rules of all major employment laws; make sound legal employment decisions; manage performance, feedback, appraisal and discipline; understand sexual and other types of harassment; and understand wage and compliance laws.