The Goal of the Bartow Stakeholders Commission Is to create a safe place to share ideas, learn from the experts and build a stronger business climate.
50 of the leading companies and organizations from the Bartow market will be chosen for their leadership roles in the community. These executives will work closely with the BEDC in an advisory capacity helping shape the economic future of the City.
Each member company will be asked to invest $500 to be part of the organization. The benefits will be many including the following.

• Each Company or organization will be given a 20-minute time slot during one of the quarterly meetings to present their story to the committee. Forming mutually beneficial business relationships is a great way to find a strategic partner that may help drive business.

• The Executive Director of the BEDC will present the highlights from the past three months and share information not publicly known following the confidential stage. This information may be invaluable to the business planning process as a company or organization becomes more competitive.

• Experts from many fields and County leaders will join us as guest speakers. A learning-centered organization will add value to existing companies and organizations.

• Senior executives will have the opportunity to meet other community leaders in an informal networking setting.

First and foremost, it is to let other business people within the network get to know one another and come to rely on the quality and professionalism each provide within the community.