Two Bartow Students Have Perfect Attendance K-12

Two Bartow Students Have Perfect Attendance K-12

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Two PCPS Grads Will Receive Special Recognition for Perfect Attendance

Two high school graduates will receive special recognition next week for achieving perfect attendance during their K-12 educational careers.

Kamryn Cribbs and Logan Duncan will be honored at the Polk County School Board meeting on Tuesday (June 8). Photos of these students are attached.

The meeting will begin at 5 p.m. and takes place at the Jim Miles Professional Development Center, 4270 Wallace Road in Lakeland. The meeting will also be broadcast live via the district’s YouTube channel: (

Cribbs recently graduated Bartow High, and she will continue her education at Polk State College. She plans to eventually transfer to a university to study law.

“I feel like if you can go to school every day, you should,” said Cribbs. “I was able to maintain my attendance because of my love for school and wanting to be there.”

Duncan is a graduate of International Baccalaureate at Bartow High. He is heading to the University of South Florida to earn a degree in business and then plans to attend law school.

While maintaining perfect attendance, Duncan also managed to keep up with the rigorous demands of his IB studies as well as playing varsity golf and football. He was also on the state winning Summerlin archery team all four years of high school.

Duncan said he is proud of his perfect attendance accomplishment and his dedication to showing up every day for 13 years straight.

“I also feel like working to achieve this milestone instilled a sense of how important showing up truly is,” he said. “I’ll carry that with me throughout the rest of my life. To be able to maintain this throughout my school career took a lot of perseverance.”

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