• We Are Bartow

    Part of Bartow’s charm is its position as the history center for a county steeped in a rich and unique past. The Polk County History Center is located in one of Florida’s most iconic historic courthouses.

  • We Are Historic

    Bartow is home to the Annual Alafia River Rendezvous. Visitors enjoy music, games, and see artisans demonstrating crafts such as flint knapping, broom making, blacksmithing, soap making, weaving and more.

  • We Are Creative

    Bartow’s Annual Bloomin’ Arts Festival attracts artists from all over the country. This event draws thousands to Bartow’s historic Main Street.

  • We Are Accessible

    Bartow Executive Airport serves corporate, recreational, flight training and governmental agency activities.

  • We Are Polk County’s Capital City

    As the capital, a unique dynamic is created that blends the best of a small town environment with that of a bustling center of government and commerce.

We Are The Greater Bartow Chamber of Commerce

Taking Care of Business Since 1887

Discover the Magic of Bartow: Where Community Collaboration Thrives!

Here at the heart of Bartow, we’re not just building a city – we’re crafting a community!

Join us in celebrating the incredible partnership between:

Together, we’re weaving dreams into reality, making Bartow the ultimate place to live, work, and raise our kids!

From revitalizing historic districts to fostering local businesses, our collaboration knows no bounds! Let’s keep the momentum going and continue to shape the future of Bartow TOGETHER!

Dive into the vibrant tapestry of Bartow’s community spirit! Swipe through to catch glimpses of our latest projects, initiatives, and the smiling faces that make Bartow shine!

Curious to learn more? Check out the Community Partners for Progress websites above for exciting updates and upcoming events!

What does the Bartow Chamber do?

The Greater Bartow Chamber of Commerce prioritizes the economic advancement and corporate expansion within Bartow and its neighboring regions. Our dedication extends to fostering business growth, promoting regional collaboration, advancing educational endeavors, and enhancing community engagement. With a focus on empowering our members, we equip local industries with essential networking and promotional resources crucial for financial prosperity.

Through a comprehensive array of programs and resources, we guide entrepreneurs across various stages of business management, ensuring relevance and timeliness in every offering. Each initiative, service, and event undergoes thorough evaluation to ascertain its value to our diverse membership base.

Membership with the Greater Bartow Chamber of Commerce grants access to a tightly knit network of local businesses, facilitating mutual growth and support. Committed to unlocking the full potential of every member, we persist in our mission to cultivate southwest Polk County as the premier destination for business success.

Stay Up To Date

Taking Care of Business

Interested in Becoming a Member?

When you join the Chamber, you’re not just becoming part of an influential business organization – you’re joining a tight-knit community that’s been thriving in Greater Bartow since 1887! With over 500 businesses already on board, we’re here to support you every step of the way, providing the tools you need to shine in today’s competitive market.

Did you know that being a Chamber member can make a real difference? According to a study by the Schapiro Group, a whopping 63% of folks are more likely to support a business that’s part of their local Chamber of Commerce. Plus, 44% of people think more favorably of businesses like yours, simply because you’re one of us!

Being part of the Chamber isn’t just about business – it’s about community. You’ll boost your visibility, gain credibility with potential customers, and empower your staff with top-notch training and development opportunities.

Together, we’re not just shaping Bartow’s business scene – we’re creating an amazing place to live and work, one connection at a time. Join us, and let’s make Bartow even better, together!

Our Community Partners

Thank you to our Community Partners scrolling below who provide substantial support through event and program sponsorships.