Bartow Municipal Airport and Industrial Park

Bartow Municipal Airport offers transportation and distribution opportunities as well as manufacturing sites. The airport has a large industrial park with a variety of tenants including cold storage, water treatment facility, trucking, as well as county and state offices.

There are approximately 1300 employees who work at the airport with its more than 100 hangars for the storage of aircraft, and about 130 based aircraft. The airport and industrial park contribute more than $350 million to the area’s economy.


Clear Springs

Clear Springs is both a development project in Central Florida, and a private company. Clear Springs owns, plans, and develops entire communities via a public/private partnerships. Clear Springs has already donated $12 Million and a parcel of land in Bartow, to the Polk State College Foundation, where the Polk State College Clear Springs Advanced Technology Center was built. The College is focused on a corporate training center, while at the same time offering Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D’s via long distance training. Among numerous activities, Clear Springs is also involved in Agribusiness, as it has opened the Clear Springs Distribution Center – an operations center for produce, ranging from receiving, to packing, marketing and shipping.

Clear Springs, the development, is an exciting project of 18,000 acres of land. The Clear Springs company is committed to developing the entire property with a focus on economic development for the area, in partnership with local and state governments.

The 18,000 acres of former phosphate mines surrounding the City of Bartow on the east and south sides will be transformed into a vibrant community, with a sustainable economy and land preservation. The project will gradually come to life, over a period of 20 years. Clear Springs matches the Central Florida Regional Growth Vision:

  • Conservation: of lands, water, air, wildlife.
  • Countryside: maintaining Central Florida’s Heritage of agriculture and small villages.
  • Corridors: connecting people and goods to other regions by providing transportation choices, and encouraging a competitive economy.
  • Centers: providing a mix of residential and commercial developments to create communities with a walking town center.
  • Corridors: connecting people and goods to other regions by providing transportation choices, and encouraging a competitive economy.


Check out our Member Realtors for a complete list of Business/Commercial Properties in and around Bartow:


Please check out these other helpful sites for Commercial Listings:

Be sure to check out Bartow’s Economic Development website. And you may call BEDC President Rob Clancey at 863-899-3406 for information on buildings and available properties for businesses interested in moving to Bartow.





Stuart Crossing is a 700-acre planned development inside the city limits of the county seat, creating opportunities unique to the local market. The property is made easily accessible by a new four-lane road that connects two US highways.

  • Opens northern gates for Bartow to grow via six-lane US 98 to Lakeland
  • Provides opportunity for southeastern growth of Lakeland
  • Provides great value for an easily accessible and highly visible property
  • Ernest M. Smith Blvd. and the signalized intersections were designed for long-term functionality
  • A solution for the pent up demand for growth
  • Provides new business opportunities
  • Creates new job opportunities
  • Creates room for additional medical facilities
  • Allows for additional housing to capture new residents

Stuart Crossing provides mixed-use parcels that offer flexibility for developers. They will have several different options for where development can begin, and can even work consecutively on different parcels.

Established hospital and medical offices
The owners have engaged multiple professionals to prepare Stuart Crossing for development
Research proves need for growth in this area
The owner’s representatives are in regular contact with the City of Bartow regarding the progress of Stuart Crossing

Stuart Crossing will provide a safe place to live, work and enjoy the outdoors. The owners have set aside over 200 acres of green space for outdoor activities, and the area is already a popular destination for biking and nature walks.

  • New single-family home neighborhoods
  • New apartments with beautiful views
  • Destination retail
  • New restaurants
  • Additional entertainment venues for Bartow
  • Places to connect with people
  • Biking and hiking trails
  • Conservation and views of outdoor space
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